Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Musings of a Disturbed Mind?

I played with titles for this. Moon Walker. Woman of Conviction. And Random Musings of a Disturbed Mind. What do you think?

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."

The words were strong and clear in the crisp morning air. Spoken with conviction. I remember them daily, just as I remember the report of the rifle, the sound of the bullet penetrating flesh. The warmth of the blood that splattered across my face and neck. The hush of the crowd, just before the screams rang out.

I was eight years old when Shannon Johnson killed my father. Shannon was a man of conviction. He believed my father was the voice of the devil, and that angels had told him he must kill him or the world would be destroyed. There are many Shannon's in the world. People of conviction who believe acts of evil are in truth acts of God.

"You ready girl?"

I nodded to Cameron as I sheathed the knife at my waist. I had not spoken a word in eight years. My voice had died with my father. But there was strength in silence. Strength in the words that were not spoken. That silence allowed me to move without sound, kill without remorse and sleep at night without the screams of my victims ringing in my ears. In many ways I was a woman of conviction. I believed in what I was doing, but that didn't make it right. Perhaps the people I killed deserved to die, but not by my hand. Somewhere down deep, in a place where the silence could not reach, could not penetrate the pain I knew I was no better than the rest of the Shannon Johnson's in the world. I judged, and some day I would be judged.

"Moon's almost up, let's move." Cameron picked up his rifle and headed for the warehouse door.

I followed him out the door, closing it softly behind me. Somewhere a robbery was being committed, a rape, a beating, a mugging, a murder. Somewhere someone needed my help. The world has grown so much that God can no longer do it all. So when the moon rises, so do I. They call me Moon Walker, and in the darkness of the night, and the silence of my world I go forth and proclaim judgment.

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