Monday, November 14, 2011

Indie Spotlight-Paying it Forward

One of my all-time favorite movies was Pay It Forward. So I decided to do the same for my twitter friends who are constantly paying it forward for others. Thank you.

Nine 5 Star Reviews - Imagine your wife dying in your arms. What would you do to find her killer?

Thirteen 5 Star Reviews - Tear In Time is an excellent novel of time travel, war, alternate history, and the bonds of friendship. It is well written and very enjoyable.

Twenty 5 Star Reviews - The character personality is real and true. The plot line is fascinating and, though predicatable, fascinating in the course of events.

One 5 Star Review - Inspired by historical novels, which was Lynne Ellison's favorite reading material for many years, she created a Masterpiece of historical adventure.

Twenty-Four 5 Star Reviews - There's something to be said about what 'was'. That time before we became what we are as adults, often funny, sometimes sad, but always important.

Five 5 Star Reviews - Nothing will hook me to a book faster than a hint that the plot is based on some interesting psychological aspect. I was not disappointed.

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