Monday, June 18, 2012

$.99 Special - Romance at it's best

Desperate Bachelor

Ben Danvers was about to lose everything―unless he found a woman willing to become his wife. The terms of his grandfather's will were outrageous, but they were ironclad. Just when Ben was about to give up all hope, the last woman he ever expected to wed made a startling proposal.

Bargaining Bride

Chelsea Carson offered Ben a deal he couldn't refuse. He could keep the family fruit orchard if he would make her one and only dream come true. But there were to be no strings attached, no messy emotions when it was over. Their makeshift marriage would be perfect―unless Chelsea allowed love to bungle the plan.



I picked this book up when it was free and honestly forgot about it. Why, I put off this book I'll never know because its was such a great and inspiring read. Chelsea and Ben were such great characters to read about. Watching them grow and fall in love was a joy. After suffering emotional abuse as a child, Chelsea shut herself off completely from forming lasting relationships with anyone. All she wanted was a baby to love and for someone to love her back. Ben just couldn't understand why his grandfather had put the clause in his will that he had to marry by a certain date. Did he want to be married and have a family? Yes, but right now his sole focus was the orchard.

Again, I couldn't get enough of watching Ben and Chelsea fall in love with each other. Also, having Ben teach Chelsea the art of lovemaking and watching her bloom into her own was a joy, too. Don't worry, its not smutty but beautifully written. I can not highly recommend His Wife for a While to anyone that wants to read a beautifully written story about two people that deserve to be loved and to love someone else.



I'm pretty sure that I read this story when it was originally released by Harlequin. Though it still reads like a Harlequin of old (love scenes behind closed doors, relatively short novel) Fasano's updates for this Kindle edition keep the story from being dated.

The angst in the story comes from Chelsea's feelings of being unloved as a child. When the story begins, she offers to enter into a temporary, mutually beneficial marriage with Ben because she wants a child but doesn't believe that she will ever find love. Her feelings stem from an abusive childhood that she is slow to reveal to Ben because she's both ashamed and afraid of being hurt. His patience and kindness toward her result, of course, in her falling in love with him.

The sweetness in the story comes from Ben's gentle handling of Chelsea. When she first suggests the temporary marriage arrangement, Ben thinks that Chelsea is cold and unfeeling, and she does nothing to dispel that idea. Although she wants him to give her a baby, he insists that they get to know each other first. His compassion and caring make him a rather likable guy. One of the things I appreciated about the story is that Chelsea is attracted to him, but it's not about his perfect looks and killer body; it's about who he is and how he treats her.

Fasano's writing is smooth and polished.

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