Thursday, August 29, 2013

$.99 New Release - Introductory Offer through midnight 8/30/13

If you loved Bet you can't...Find Me, you'll love this one. As a gift to my readers I wanted to offer the second book in the Catherine Mans Psychic Suspense novels at a reduced rate. If you haven't read it and want to--it's currently $.99 also. I hope you enjoy it.

What Readers Are Saying:

I've been waiting months for this second book in the Catherine Mans series...but it was well worth the wait. I read Bet You Can't Find Me (Book 1) and really enjoyed it. However, I think I liked Eternal Beauty even more.

I loved the references to Dante Alighieri, and the "bad guy" was so creepy he gave me nightmares. Seriously.

I loved the team work of the special investigators and how each character was fleshed out with his/her own baggage and flaws and talents. (Interesting characters are what make or break a book for me.) I especially loved how the women of the team, Catherine and Rosetta, worked together like a well-oiled machine.

Nothing in this book - the plot, the characters, the motivations - was predictable. If you enjoy mystery-thrillers, you will love Eternal Beauty. Recommended read!

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