Friday, March 24, 2017

An 8 year old future bestselling author. Caitlynn's Story!

She follows in her father's footsteps with her love of stories and words. Although she made me tag it Caitlynn's and Granny's Story, it is mostly her words and her imagination, I just did part of the typing.  Writing with my granddaughter was so much fun, and I hope to encourage her to expand her writing ability and love of words to express what she's feeling, as well as weaving fantastic fiction to entertain.

My little 8 year old author to be:



Once upon a time there were two princesses, and one prince, and one queen and one king.  The family wanted to go on vacation so they decided where to go.  Princess Caitlynn wanted to go to Lake Reba.  Princess Maya wanted to go to Cave Run.  And Prince Chaz wanted to go to Monkey Joes. 
Queen Granny and King Papa said, we can only choose one, and we would like to go to Florida and see the ocean.
So since Granny and Papa were the king and queen we went to Florida.  We stayed for a while, rented a huge motel with a big swimming pool.  It had a beautiful chandelier in the foyer, and Princess Caitlynn like to stand on the beautiful balcony and watch the sea gulls fly by.
When it was nighttime they started heading home.  And when they got home their most valuable items had been stolen.  Princess Caitlynn cried, "oh, no, we forgot to lock the doors!"
Princess Maya said, “I hope they didn’t steal my pokemon cards.” 
Prince Chaz ran up the stairs and screamed.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHH……………they took my kindle!”
Queen Granny went to the bedroom and checked on her jewelry and the crown was gone.  “What do I do?  I can’t be a queen without my crown,” Granny said.
Princess Caitlynn and Princess Maya and Prince Chaz all gathered in the game room.  “We have to find Granny’s crown,” Prince Chaz said.
“We have to call the police,” Princess Caitlynn said.
Princess Maya had a strange look on her face. Her face was red with fury. “I’m gonna find out who did this, and I’m gonna sick my dragon on them and have him burn off their face.”
“Uh, Maya, that’s kind of mean, isn’t it?” Princess Caitlynn said.  “We should just let them stay chained in the dungeon with only three beans a day.”
Prince Chaz looked from one girl to the other. “Really?  You guys are MEAN!”
“Well, what would you do?” Princess Caitlynn asked.
Prince Chaz placed his finger on his chin in a thoughtful pose.  “I think we should look for clues and follow the trail of footprints and find the thief. Then we can call the police and have them arrested.”
“We’d best hurry before they turn the crown in for money.” Princess Caitlynn said.
The three separated and started to look for clues.  Princess Caitlynn searched in the kitchen.  Someone had eaten all the chocolate chip cookies and there was a trail of crumbs leading from the kitchen to the back door.  She followed the crumbs into the castle garden.
Meanwhile, Princess Maya was searching in the parents’ bedroom.  She found a jewel from the crown and cookie crumbs. She followed the trail into the hallway and out into the castle garden.
Prince Chaz searched the king’s weapon room and he found a hat that did not belong to the king.  It had feathers on it, and there was a trail of feathers leading into the castle garden.
“We all came to the same place!” They cried in unison. 
“This must be how he got away.” Prince Chaz said.
But then they all saw the crumbs, jewels and feathers leading out of the garden into the dark forest.
“We’re not allowed to go there.” Princess Caitlynn said.
“Come on,” Princess Maya said, “we need to find the crown. Otherwise it won’t be good. And Granny won’t be queen anymore and we won’t be princesses and a prince.”
Prince Chaz pulled his wooden knife from his belt.  “I’ll protect you. Let’s go.”
Princess Caitlynn giggled. “You are so silly. Let’s take Tad Cooper with us.”
“Great idea.” Princess Maya said.
The three entered the dark forest followed by a somewhat reluctant baby dragon. “It sure is dark in here.” Prince Chaz said.
“Tad Cooper can light it up for us,” Princess Maya said. “Breathe fire, Tad!”
“No, no, no, no!” Princess Caitlynn cried. “The forest will catch on fire and we’ll all burn to death.”
Princess Maya wrapped her arm around Tad Cooper’s neck. “Just a tiny spurt, Tad Cooper, so we can see the trail.”
The tiny dragon sputtered a small flame like a torch.  They could see the entire path in front of them and they continued following the trail of feathers, jewels, and crumbs. Then the trail led to this huge house that was a 1976 house and very spooky.  And it had shattered windows and looked like it needed a tune up, and needed lots of repairs and the door opened all by itself and went CREEEEEAAAKK!
 “Lets go in.” Princess Maya whispered.
 “You first.” Prince Chaz whispered back.
“But you have the knife” Princess Caitlynn whispered.
 Then finally Chaz went in first.  When they went inside they where shaking and they where really scared.  They heard a voice “The crown is finally mine.”
Their eyes got huge as they gasped “AHH!”
The thief opened the door. “Who’s there?” He walked into the room and grinned with an evil sneer. “Oh, it’s the three castle brats.” He reached out and grabbed Princess Maya by the arm. “You’ll bring quite a nice ransom.”
“Let go of her!” Princess Caitlynn screamed.
Prince Chaz held out his knife, his hands shaking. “Unhand her, or I will run you through with my knife.”
The thief laughed. “You’re just kids, you can’t hurt me.”
Tad Cooper flapped his wings and made a big gust of air.
Suddenly the thief’s face turned white.  He let Princess Maya go, and she hit him in the stomach and then kicked him in the shin. “Worthless piece of junk.” she said.
The thief held out the crown and a bag of goodies he had stolen from the castle to Princess Caitlynn. “Here you go.  I was just kidding. You kids should run along home now.”
The three backed out of the house and down the steps, and right into Prince Charles and twenty castle guards. “Daddy,” said Princess Caitlynn, “I’m so glad to see you.”
Princess Maya grinned. “We got back Granny’s crown and all the things the thief stole.”
Prince Charles pulled all three in for a huge hug and patted Tad Cooper on the head.  “You did good. Now I want you all to go back to the castle while we take this guy to jail.”
Prince Chaz, Princess Caitlynn and Princess Maya rushed back to the castle and gave Queen Granny her crown. They helped her glue the jewels back on the crown and Queen Granny was so happy she made them more chocolate chip cookies, and chicken and dumplings.



  1. Too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for reading it, Becky. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.