Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Forgotten - Meet the Characters - Dr. Mary Ann Coomer

Dr. Coomer is named after one of my lovely fans.  My newsletter requested anyone wanting to be mentioned in a future book to email me with their name.   Like to see your name appear in a future novel?  Sign up for my newsletter at

Dr. Coomer is an old country doctor who has been the family doctor for the Redmonds for as long as Loki can remember, and who took care of Loki’s grandfather until he passed away. Originally a bit part, I was somewhat shocked when the serial killers had other plans for Dr. Coomer.

She’s dedicated to saving lives, feisty and her sense of humor had me laughing out loud as her part developed and grew.  A Christian woman, she often prays and talks to God, although at times she has to ask for forgiveness as some of her prayers and thoughts might be perceived as detrimental to the health of the killers.

A couple of my favorite quotes from Mary:

He’s nuttier than your grandma’s jam cake, Anna Claire.

She’d known the second she laid eyes on Harriett Tatum that the wheels might be spinning but the guinea pig had died a long time ago.

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