Monday, July 26, 2010

Character Interview, Carl Jackson, FBI

Good morning. My guest today is FBI agent Carl Jackson.

L: Mr. Jackson, it’s such a pleasure to have you here with us today. Of all the characters in the Jacody Ives Mysteries, you actually became one of my favorites.

C: Hell, I could have told you that. Where’s the ashtray?

L: We don’t smoke in the house.

C: No smoking, no coffee, no interview.

L: *sigh*. Well, let me see what I can do about that.

C: *grin* And put some of that good Kentucky Bourbon in the coffee.

L: Here you go. Sorry, we don’t drink.

C: “sniffing the coffee”. You ain’t American, and you sure as hell ain’t no Kentuckian.

L: Well, I assure you not all Kentuckians drink bourbon. But we’re here to talk about you.

C: Better hurry it up then. I got a date with a fishing pole and a worm.

L: Oh, yes, I remember. You didn’t get to do much fishing.

C: Yeah, and I’m still mad at you about that.

L: Me?

C: All I wanted was just a half hour. One half hour. And could you give it to me? No, you had to have the Chief call and chew my ass out.

L: Well, Jacody had just been shot.

C: And whose fault was that?

L: *sigh*

C: And you better not ask me how that makes me feel.

L: Oh, no, I’d never do that. I totally understand you’re not a big fan of psychologists or psychiatrists.

C: Fan? *******, psycho-social babbling fools. Ain’t got nothing better to do than **** up young kids

L: Language, Mr. Jackson. Please.

C: And who writes my language?

L: And you’re not a big fan of profiling either, are you?

C: College educated idiots. I was catching killers when he was wearing diapers. And I didn’t need no ******* ********** computer printout to tell me who to look for.

L: Well, maybe we need to move on.

C: *cell phone rings* Yeah, I’m on my way.

L: Are you going somewhere?

C: Yep. Got me a date with an old voodoo woman and a worm.

L: How are things with you and Ms. Charity?

C: Be a lot better if you’d get off your *** and write the next chapter.

L: *shuffling notes*. I do have a few more questions.

C: *standing up walking to door* Times up. And little Nikki is running out of time too. You better get to writing. *opening door* Don’t make me have to come back here.

L: *grin*

C: *door opening—picking up forgotten cigarettes* And another thing. The next time you let some old codger clobber me I’m gonna kick your ***.

L: *grin* You were sneaking around Millie’s house with a gun in hand.

C: Yeah, and whose fault was that? *slamming door*. Next time get some damn bourbon.

So, ladies and gentlemen there you have it. Don’t worry, although he smokes like a freight train, and cusses worse than a sailor, his bark is worse than his bite. He’s really just a big old teddy bear that’s deadly when those he loves are in danger.

Carl makes a regular appearance in all Jacody Ives Mysteries.


  1. Linda, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. What a fantastic idea!