Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interview with Author, Kipp Poe Speicher

Good morning. Today I’m joined by Kipp Poe Speicher, author of Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly.

LINDA: Kipp, tell us a little bit about yourself. Just a brief bio.
KIPP: I live in Ohio with hot and humid summers and freezing winters. I have worked in a print shop for 25 years dreaming of the day I could print my own book. Along with being an author I am also an indie film maker.
LINDA: How long have you been writing?
KIPP: I have always since I was younger tried to find a way to share my stories. A few years ago with the boom in digital video I was able to take my writing and turn it into a digital art form. Now with the ability to self publish I have become an author and turned some of my screenplay ideas into novels.
LINDA: WHY do you write?
KIPP: It is almost therapy for me. I’m a very quiet person and spend a lot of time with characters and stories playing out in my head. Writing them out and giving them life is an obsession almost.
LINDA: Tell us about your book.
KIPP: Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly is my first book to put up on the Amazon Kindle store. It is two short stories. One with the same title of the book is an experimental piece that takes you from one character to another as we witness the end of the world. Gas For Grass is a crazy story filled with horror, erotica, and a bit of humor about one man’s quest for peace and quiet.
LINDA: What did you find the most challenging part of writing Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly?
KIPP: The hardest part of writing is the fact I have a serious learning disability. Having dyslexia and being tone deaf where I can’t sound out any words, every word has to be visually memorized for me to spell it. so writing is a bit slow and I have two wonderful editors who help me through.
LINDA: What was the most rewarding thing about writing Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly?
KIPP: The Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly has been a story I have storyboarded out years ago to make a movie of, but if you read it you will find out there is no chance to make it with no budget. So I wrote it on a narrative form and finally brought it to life. And now reading all the great reviews it has gotten is an amazing feeling.
LINDA: How do you develop your characters?
KIPP: I spend so much time with them every day. I get a story idea and the characters just start showing up. I spend a lot of time putting myself in their situation thinking it out watching how each one’s actions reflect on the outcomes of others.
LINDA: Who are your favorite authors and why?
KIPP: From a very young age I have always read a lot. Lots of Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Stephen King, Clive Barker. Now, I am really digging into a lot of the Indie authors. Karen McQuestion, Tom Raimbault, Jon F. Merz and many fresh new voices.
LINDA: What have you learned about yourself since you began writing?
KIPP: I really need to go back to school, lol. I really enjoy being creative. I
don’t have broadcast TV anymore and I don’t miss it at all. What a waste of time it can be.
LINDA: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
KIPP: Be true to your voice and just do it.
LINDA: What are you working on now that you can share with us?
KIPP: I have three novels completely worked out just waiting to be typed up. I’m also working on some shorter pieces to get out there to get a name for myself. Right now I’m working on “Listen” that is coming together very nicely. I’m very excited about it
LINDA: Where can readers find your books?
KIPP: I’m on both Amazon Kindle store and Smashword.com that will be pushing my books to all the other eBook sights such as Sony, Borders, B&N, and Apple iBook store in the next couple weeks.
LINDA: Anything else you’d like to share?
KIPP: It’s a great time for writers and readers. You can, with hard work and passion find your voice and your audience.
Thank you, Kipp, for being with us today. I’ve taken the liberty of taking a quick peek at the reviews and here’s what some customers are saying about “Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly”: Mentally Captivating; Strange, Poetic and Beautiful; Thought Provoking.


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