Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've Been Awarded The Memetastic Award

Did you say an award? For me? I'm just….I'm just speechless. Ooh, this is such an honor. I just wish Roger were here to share it with me.

Isn't it just precious. "Smooch" "Smooch" "Smooch". I love you all, and a special thank you to the funtabulous Sibel Hodge, Chicklit Humor Mystery author for bestowing such a wonderful. . ."whisper" "whisper" "whisper". Well, I've been informed there are rules I must follow if I wish to accept this cute little huggy bear.

1. I must proudly display the absolutely wonderful, although rather strange, graphic in a post. Check

2. I must list 5 things about myself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. My readers are to guess which one is the truth by posting a comment on My blog. Check

3. I must pass on this awesomely, prestigious award to 5 deserving bloggers. Check

Well, if I must--but please don't hate me, I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Sooo...Here are Five Funtabulous things about myself, one of which is actually true:

1. I was first runner up in the 1969 Miss America Contest.

2. I wrote my first novel when I was two. I called it "Nightmare on Potty Seat".

3. When I was sixteen I was kidnapped by two killers and their crazy girlfriends who wound up fighting over whether to kill me or let me go.

4. I met my first husband on a murder investigation. He looked awfully suspicious to me so I married him just to keep an eye on him.

5. I just found out I’m pregnant.

Now, I must pass on this award to the following lucky recipients.

Can I have a drum roll please?

I’m so excited about this. I feel like I’m giving away...well...a member of the family, after all we comic characters must stick together.

But, truth told, I can't wait to see what the following fantabulous people list as their Funtabulous Five Facts, one of which is truthful:

1) Larry Enright, funtabulous author of Four Years From Home
2) Seb Kirby, funtabulous author of Take No More
3) Kristina Jackson, funtabulous author of Feathers
4) Elizabeth Reyes, funtabulous author of Forever Mine
5) Samantha Fury, funtabulous author of Street Justice - Charlie's Angel

I'd truly love to give this award to all my friends and fellow authors, but. . .well, not everyone appreciates a good huggy bear.

So now, My Funtabulous Readers and Fans, can you guess which one of the above "facts" is my Linda Prather truth?


  1. Valerie Maarten said...
    LOL...I don't know which one to choose. Knowing you as I do, they all can be true ~wink~ I'm going with #4

  2. Ooh, we have one vote for #4--the notorious ex-husband.

  3. Glad you're having fun with this fabtastic award! Ooh, this is hard. I'm having a hard time choosing! Hmmm...*taps lips with finger in concentration*...think I'll have to go with number 1! :)

  4. Linda

    Could be any of them, I suppose and it is April 1st. But I think I'll go for #4.

    And thanks for passing on the Memetastic baton!


  5. Hum....we have a 1, and 3 and 2 votes for #4. What coud it be, what could it be?

  6. I have to agree with everyone else. #4 Cracked up at the nightmare on potty seat... had a few of those myself with my kids... glad those days are long over! =)

  7. Humm we now have 3 votes for #4. 1 vote for #1 - at least someone thought I was once beautiful (ho hum); and 1 vote for #3. No wonder my first novel never hit the big time.