Friday, March 25, 2011

Sample Sunday Anticipation--Something New

I always look forward to Sample Sunday, but this week is even more exciting as a group of Indie Authors have decided to have a "Cook Off". We'll be posting excerpts of books, flash fiction and/or short stories and weaving therein our favorite foods and recipes. A writing challenge that I simply could not ignore. How could I? I mean three of my favorite things. Reading, writing and food.

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do this Sunday as neither of my current books deal with food in any way that I found exciting, or even interesting. Could I actually do a murder mystery or serial killer plot involving food?

I love writing challenges because they do just that--challenge you to use your imagination. To step outside that secure little zone you've built for yourself and leap into something different. Here's a prelude to what's to come.

Food To Die Smiling For

Each year a prisoner on death row is allowed to choose a chef to prepare their last meals. This occurs over a three day period. Day one is breakfast. Day two is lunch. Day three is dinner, with dessert prior to the midnight countdown to death by injection. If the prisoner smiles after each meal, then the chef is assured that their career is forever safe. If a prisoner doesn't smile then their career is forever destroyed. Each year the whole world watches--sort of like watching Hell's Kitchen--to see if a prominent well-known chef will make it or go down in flames.

This year the notorious serial killer Ian McGregor will choose. But McGregor shocks the world when he chooses Carrie Thompson, a small restaurant owner that no one has ever heard of.

Carrie and her best friend, and business partner Sammie must come up with food to die smiling for. Are they up to the challenge? And what is McGregor really up to? Did he choose Carrie because he'd heard of her culinary mastery, or was he planning on having her for dessert?

Stop by Sunday and check out Part 1 of Food To Die Smiling For. We're having an Irish breakfast, with loads of fun, and some great recipes. Hope to see you there.

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