Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Review - My Soul To Take - Wes Cravens

My Soul To Take - Wes Cravens

Probably my first "horror" film in years. I would have to say that it will definitely appeal to the younger generation. Seven 16 year olds who yearly hold Ripper night where they must face the killer who died on the night they were born and send him back to a watery grave. Fail to face him--and bad things happen.

As an author I enjoyed the psychological aspects of this movie. The distinct personalities of the seven. There are clues given throughout that I must say I missed until near the end of the movie, but then there really wasn't enough pre-information to allow you to know those clues were important.

My biggest disappointment--there was so much more story to work with here, and yet it turned out mostly to be a blood and gore, typical horror movie.

The beginning was truly exceptional, mixing in myths and the voodoo religion. Giving you a character you want to help, and a killer you hate--all wrapped up in the same package. This was, in my opinion, the best part of the movie. The ending--well, for me at least, the ending was a huge disappointment.

Still, I will remain a Cravens' fan. After all he gave us Nightmare on Elm Street.

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