Sunday, May 22, 2011

Enter to Win A Kindle and free ebooks - Day 2

Winners for day one will be announced at 12:00 today!


May the 30th is my birthday, and some wonderful authors and I have joined together for a week long birthday party, and you get the gifts. On 6/01 I will be drawing one name from all the entrants and that entrant will win the a Kindle (See original post for model $114.00) or $125.00 Gift Certificate from Amazon (Winner's Choice).

So what do you need to do?

1) Leave a comment below with your name and some type of special identifying number that you will recognize. For example - Linda S. Prather 897124

The odds are there are several people with the same last name somewhere, and to avoid any confusion the identifying numbers will let you know you're the winner.

2) You can only enter once a day. However--you can enter Every Day!

3) Each day a number of winners will be chosen to receive the prizes listed in each blog post. All prizes are in ebook format unless otherwise specified. Winners will be listed the following day with information on how to claim your prize. Prizes may be awarded through Smashwords or Amazon, or through the author.

4) Winning a prize on the daily blogs does not disqualify you for entry in the Kindle contest. The names of all entrants will be placed in the final drawing for the Kindle. If you enter every day then you will have 8 entries in the Kindle drawing.

5) Have fun and tell your friends and family to stop by. Please take a moment to visit the participating authors and say hi. If you win a prize please contact the author and let them know, and if you're so inclined please write a review after reading their book.

6) Don't forget to check out the freebies at the bottom of the page. I'll be adding to these daily.

Good morning everyone. It's Day Two of our week long Birthday Bash, and I have a great line-up of prizes today from the following authors:

1) David McAfee - Winner's choice of any of David's books

Just one of David's reviewers on 33A.D. - I can not stress how much I adore this book. I never review ANYTHING but this is book is the first that allowed me to answer the famous "what's your favorite book" question. Simple, 33 A.D.

2) David Gaughran - Into the Woods

One Reviewer says: Two interesting, quirky stories, these. I was a little disappointed that the second story (The Reset Button) came to an end when it did. I felt there was potential for a much longer story. That's my only gripe (and I always have at least one!). This was a promising debut. Nice to read something on Kindle that's well edited and free from typos. Looking forward to the next one.

3) Thea Atkinson - Formed of Clay

One Reviewer says: A very clever author indeed created, Formed of Clay. Thea Atkinson immediately plunges the reader into a fabulous tale written in the style of an ancient mythological tale with Gods and Goddesses in a stunning mystical view of creation. This introduction provides the mood for a masterful dark ancient tale.

4) L. C. Evans - We Interrupt This Date

One Reviewer says: We Interrupt this Date is a tale of love, family, and one woman's redemption as she tries to take back control over her own life - by taking a "Time out" from her free-loading family. As they move into her home, one by one, - her sis and baby and a dog, her son and his girlfriend, and her bossy mother, Susan ends up with four adults, (thought her son and his girl eventually leave) one baby, and three dogs to contend with and take care of. The situation is enough to to drive anyone out of their mind in the same situation. Then to top it all off, an old flame returns to town and she must put her family first - as always - and cannot pursue a relationship with him. Her bossy mom keeps telling Susan she simply cannot quit her present job to take on another one as a ghost tour leader. Who will take care of us? Follow along as one incident piles on top another and we, the reader, end up tearing our own hair out by the roots! Highly recommended for fun and a thrill ride as Susan tries to save her own life!

5) Lia Fairchild - Search of Lucy

One Reviewer says: In Search of Lucy is a heartfelt tale of two sisters with a bond that can't be broken no matter how the past has shaped their lives.
Lucy, the older sister, travels down a path that leaves her lonely and broken. Katie, the younger sister, also on a path of her own that is hopeful and loving. The sisters come together as only sisters can and continue their journey together to heal each other. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, it is a wonderful story written with heart!

6) Kristina Jackson - Feathers

One Reviewer says: Cute cozy read of short stories and quaint with the European words we don't use in the US. The stories were different, nothing I've read before dealing mostly with people. The combination makes for a good book! Looking forward to more by this author!

7) Jess Mountifield - With Proud Humility

One Reviewer says: really enjoyed the book, it's not often that a romance grips me like that. It has the correct balance between romance, pirates, mystery and action! It includes sword fights, ship battles and tension between characters. Definitely a worthwhile read!

8) Sibel Hodge - The Fashion Police

One Reviewer says: Oh My Gosh, what's not to luuuvvv in this fantabulous romp of a read! I LMAO from page one all the way to "The End"! And, I'm here to tell ya, I can't wait to read the next Amber Fox Murder Mystery!!!

9) Tim Ellis - The Knowledge of Time Second Civilization

Earth 5036: When Gracie eavesdrops on her father’s meetings with the Grammers, and learns of a library that travels through time, she must undertake a perilous journey predicted three thousand years before to save the knowledge of humanity from the Beasts.

10) David Dalglish - Dance of Cloaks

One Reviewer says: A Dance of Cloaks is the fourth book I've read by David Dalglish. While I liked his other books a lot, I felt with them that there was something missing to make them 5-star books. That's not the case with A Dance of Cloaks. In this book, he's come into his own and A Dance of Cloaks is an exciting read. I've always said that Dalglish writes some of the best fight scenes I've ever read, and that doesn't change in this book. Added to the mix is plenty of intrigue and a large cast of characters, including some old favorites. The theme of redemption is still laced throughout the book.

Some additional freebies for everyone:

Bex Aaron - Independence Day, Book 1 The Beginning
Linda Prather - Food To Die Smiling For
Kristina Jackson - Shadows Of My Mind
C. J. West - End of Marking Time to everyone who emails him at:


  1. Fantastic choices for day 2. I'd love to win any of those books listed.


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  3. Love to read, love a contest. Since these are ebooks, I'm hoping I don't have to live in the US to win. I live in one of it's territories, but am always eliminated from contests. Would love that kindle for my husband. I don't like to share.

    Barbara Jean Byrem 9688

  4. I never win anything so would love to win!!! Thank you!

  5. Contests are fabulous! I had to come and see what you are up to! Best wishes to you fabulous authors. xoxoxo

    Kristine Cheney 7595

  6. Love the books above great choices!

    Stephanie Chaplinski 1072

  7. Laura Sullivan (435-my number)

    Cathy M. Martin 3262

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  8. I hate to enter as I'm listed in the gifts list, but heck, this is a great contest
    thea atkinson 0001

  9. yeehaw, day 2!

    scott porter wa1ytw

  10. Oops I commented on the wrong blog lol. I would love one for my mom count me in

    Leah McKenzie- 9265

  11. I would love to have kindle to be able to take my literature everywhere!
    Sherry Blanco 00025624

  12. Hi, great contest would love a chance to win! In case I do win (wink, wink) I already have Sibel Hodge's "The Fashion Police" :)
    Rebecca Sitahal-Flemming 1975

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  14. Thank you for the chance to win! Great choices, love David Dalglish books. See you tomorrow! Laura Morton 80893

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  18. DAY 2 COMMENTS AND ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! Check to enter Day 3!

  19. I'd love to win "In search of Lucy" or "The fashion police" - Some great books there. Thank you for the opportunity of entering. Book fraternity people are amongst the kindest I've come across.
    Lisa 8083