Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Chance Entries to Win a Kindle or $125.00 Gift Certificate from Amazon

Today is your last chance to enter to win a Kindle or $125.00 Gift Certificate from Amazon. If you can't post on the blog below--please email me at: admin@prather-author.com or connect with me on Facebook. All previous participants for Day 1 through Day 6 have automatically been entered daily in the Kindle/Gift Certificate drawing--HOWEVER--if you want to participate in the prize drawings below you need to re-enter for that.

It's been a wonderful week, and I'd like to personally thank all the entrants.Pursuant to my blog related to claiming your gifts, I am taking last chance entries for the following books, gift certificates and will be drawing the winners at 5:00 p.m. on 6/1/2011 U.S. Eastern time. I will draw the Kindle/Gift Card winner from all entrants, and then draw the following prizes from those entering today following the rules below.

I realize a lot of people entered only to win the Kindle or $125.00 Gift Certificate. I don't have a problem with that, but if you're entering this last chance entry, and you don't want the gifts below, or you already have one or more of the books, then please put the following after your name on your entry i.e. Linda S. Prather 2348--Kindle entry only or (I would love one of the below books, but I already have (name of book). That way if your name is drawn for that book, I can trade it for one of the others.

I hope you've all had fun, and I hope you'll give a big shout out to all our participating authors. A fantastic group that came together to help me celebrate my birthday bash by giving you gifts to treasure.

1) The Gift of Joy by Valerie Maarten

2) The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland by Barbara Silkstone

3) Henrietta The Dragon Slayer by Beth Barnany

4) Doubleback by Libby Hellmann

5) David McAfee - Winners Choice

6) In Search of Lucy - Lia Fairchild

7) With Proud Humility - Jess Mountifield

8) Sands - Lili Tufel

9) Four Years From Home - Larry Enright

10) Burn Out - Traci Hohenstein

11) Forever Mine - Elizabeth Reyes

12) Not What She Seems - Victorine E. Lieske

13) Erich's Plea - Tracey Alley

14) The Gifts, A Jacody Ives Mystery - Linda Prather

15) The Portal Sundered - Sarah Barnard

16) Warrior Path of Destiny - Tim Ellis

17) What Luck - Alex Knight

18) Street Justice - Charlie's Angel - Samantha Fury

19) Creepier By The Dozen - Stephen Hise

20) Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery - Linda S. Prather

7 - $3.00 Gift Certificates


  1. Sounds lovely! I just love a contest. (I've written these down and plan to put them on my list of "to read.")


  2. I hope you had a great birthday Linda :) It has been fun sharing your birthday online with you this week. Please enter me in the above prize drawing and the kindle giveaway. Thanks!

    Terry Smoker 634

  3. Don't know how I missed this contest before! Thanks for the last chance entry. I would be honored to be included in the giveaway. Thank you very much.
    TrishJ 1966

  4. Hi Linda! I would love to be included in this contest!! All of it!! :)

  5. How exciting! I would love to be entered for this drawing and of course for the kindle and gift certificate. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Oooh...second chance at some of those great prizes. Hope that you're hacing a great week!

    James Rasmussen 7788

  7. Hi, Linda. I have The Secret Diary of Alice In Wonderland by Barbara Silkstone, but would love to have any of the other books, and the Kindle, of course. That's to you for this neat giveaway, and to all the authors who have kindly donated all these wonderful books!


  8. Sign me up . . . and hope that if I win a Kindle I can figure out how it works!!!!

  9. Linda - please put me in the draw again. I'd be happy to win any of the items (including the Kindle :)

  10. Just checking to see if blogger will let me post now. In case it does--entries will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. US Eastern Time.


    Linda S. Prather