Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Texts and Tweets - Humor

Thought I'd do some humor today. Social media and texting have become so popular that everyone is doing it. Have one you want to share? Add it in the comment section below.

10-year old boy text from camp

1) Mom, a kid got bitten by a snake last night. Think he died.
2) Mom, I don't have any clean underwear.
3) Mom, what do I do if a bear is chasing me?
4) Mom, nevermind. I outran John. It ate him.
5) Mom, don't you miss me?
6) Mom….uh, uh, night mom.

10-year old girl text from camp

1) Dad, come get me.
2) Daddy, it's dark here.
3) *Smile* I met a boy.
4) My first kiss. I'm in love.
(No future tweets as father picked her up shortly thereafter.)

Character to Writer

1) Really? Snakes? Can't you do better than that?
2) What's with all the tongue? Yuck.
3) Do I ever get to go to the bathroom?
4) I knew he was the killer all along.
5) How come heroes are always poor?

Running For President - my tweets

1) Of course I'll fix the econo-ME!
2) What can I do for you?
3) Elect me. I'm cute.
4) A chicken in every pot.
5) Free pots for everyone.

Dog to Owner

1) Woof!
2) I hate these dog treats.
3) Woof!
4) Bacon!
5) *pzzzz* Hee, hee, hee. Bet next time you give me bacon.

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