Friday, June 24, 2011

Find Me - A WIP

Chapter 17

"I say after we search it we torch it and roast some marshmallows." Rosetta stated, staring at the old farmhouse.
Catherine was inclined to agree with her. "Sounds like an excellent idea to me, except I'll pass on the marshmallows."
"Got about three hours of daylight left, you want to tackle it now or wait until morning?" Rosetta asked.
"If we're voting, I vote for morning. I'd really like a good hot meal, hot bath and full night's sleep before I face my demons."
Rosetta nodded. "Looks of that place there's plenty of them to face."
Catherine backed out of the driveway and headed for the motel. Surprisingly enough she hadn't caught sight of any of Wilkes lackies, nor had he called. Which gave her a sneaking suspicion they were probably on their way here.
"Heard from Cody?" Rosetta asked, her head bent, innocently clicking through things on the laptop.
"No." Catherine didn't elaborate hoping Rosetta wouldn't press the point. She should have known better.
"You know if this killer is going after the people you love, I'd imagine Cody is right at the top of their list."
Catherine gasped audibly. She'd been so worried about Rosetta, and so angry with Cody the thought that he might be in danger had never entered her mind.
"He has Wilkes with him, I’m sure he's fine."
"Yeah, I'm sure he's fine." Rosetta clicked on a few more pages. "Your brother was a good looking guy. Neither one of you looked like your parents."
Catherine glanced at her, wondering if she'd temporarily lost her mind. Her brother looked just like her father.
"Wife wasn't bad looking either." Rosetta continued. "Made a nice looking couple."
Catherine pulled into the parking lot of the Hampton and parked. She'd never seen her sister-in-law or her nieces. "Let me see."
Rosetta turned the lap top around and Catherine felt like she'd been punched in the stomach. "Rosetta, that's not my brother."

Catherine waited until they were checked in, settled in their room with dinner ordered and tea brewing before she took the last file in the stack and started reading the notes. Herbert and Isabella Mansfield. Well, Isabella might be real, but Herbert was definitely not the brother she remembered. And Rosetta was right, he didn't match either of her parents, but then neither did she.
"I think we need to call Cody on this one, Catherine. Give them a heads up so they can do DNA testing. Confirm your suspicions."
Catherine knew she was right. Knowing who the couple in the picture actually were might be an important piece of the puzzle as to why they were killed.
"I'll give Wilkes a call right after we eat."
Rosetta raised an eyebrow, but kept quiet as she poured hot water into a cup and added her special blend of Rosemary tea for her and Chamomile for Catherine. Tonight they were going to sleep, even if they didn't want to.
Catherine looked through the file again, muttering softly to herself. If she waited until after dinner she'd have to think about it until then. Pulling out her cell phone she placed the call. He answered on the second ring.
"I've been going through the files. The man in the pictures is not Herbert Mansfield."
"Are you sure about that?"
Catherine could hear the excitement in his voice. "I’m sure."
"I'll order a set of DNA tests immediately. When can we talk?"
"We just did." Catherine hung up the phone, ignoring the reproachful look from Rosetta. "I gave them the information. Isn't that enough?"
"Might be a whole lot easier if we worked together." Rosetta stated, pointing out the obvious.

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