Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kindle Indie Author "Every Day Deal" Gems!

The Portal Series - you'll love them! $.99 and $2.99

A missing firefighter, a scorned ex-lover, and a drug lord. $.99

Gives VI Warshawski a run for her money. Cgo. Tribune. $.99

Go back to the sixties and Set the Night On Fire. $2.99

I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, only vaulting ambition. $2.99

Her skin felt like velvet under this touch. $3.99

Contemporary Romance Series - $.99

The female Jack Bauer. Can Lorne capture The Unicorn. $.99

The type of book you share with your girlfriends. $2.99

Featured on DailyCheapReads $.99

Raw and gritty at times. $3.99

100 reviews - 4.1 stars $.99

"One Heckuva Fantabulous, LOL Romp of a Great Read!" $.99

Great romance and heat for only $.99

Ace reporter, abandoned daughter. $.99

Extreme wealthy, happily married and they're Vampires! $.99

Try the Witchcraft Wars! $3.45

A chilling glimpse into the mind of Evil! The Jacody Ives Mysteries $2.99

Babykiller was meticulous in all things...$2.99

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