Monday, June 20, 2011

What Evil Lurks In The Hearts of Men - Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery

Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery

“Dig the hole, dig it deep. Give the worms something to eat. I like the livers and the hearts. The worms can have the other parts.”

Jacody groaned, tossed and turned, hands wrapped tightly around the sheets as the dream played on like a bad movie. Glints of steel reflected by ribbons of moonlight. He was trapped in a theatre of macabre so bizarre it shocked his senses, threatening to drive him insane. He watched in horror, an innocent bystander, unable to move, to scream, to stop the madness.

The darkness pulled him closer.

He felt the cool earth beneath his back, the first tugging pull of the scalpel as it slashed at his chest. His lips moved. He heard the whispered word. “Please . . .”
The darkness pulled him closer.

He felt the cold steel held firmly between his fingers. The warmth of the blood as it gushed over his hands. The feeling of triumph as he stood holding the still beating organ in his palm. His lips twitched.

The darkness pulled him closer.

He stood in silent fascination as the beautiful sapphire-blue eyes dimmed, color fading as her body twitched in the throes of death.

The darkness pulled him closer.

“Watch me daddy!” The young girl ran through a field of daisies, her long blonde hair bouncing in the wind. She turned, pulling the blue ribbon from her hair, smiling as she let it trail behind her.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I’m so sorry.” She sat at the kitchen table, face ravaged by pain. Eyes swollen, red, pleading.

She stood at the nursery window, one hand to her lips, the other pressed tightly against the windowpane in silent goodbye as the small bundle was wheeled away from her.

Jacody groaned again as the memories of a lifetime swept through his subconscious, culminating in pain, sadness, sorrow, and finally--death. He felt her drifting away from him, heard her whisper. “My name is Lydia. Find me, Jacody. Take me home.”

Jacody found himself drifting as his hands still clutched the sheet tightly. A lifeline to hang on to. He watched as the fog parted, the young man turned and smiled at him. The wind carried his words to Jacody. “Give light unto my eyes, Lord, lest I sleep in death.”

Jacody continued to watch, frozen in time as the young man raised his arms to heaven, smiled as he leaned forward. “Absolution.”

“No-o-o . . .” Jacody jerked awake, arms outstretched, desperately trying to reach the young man. Stop him from falling. The room was silent. A dark, deadly silence.

“Damn,” he cursed under his breath. The clock struck five a.m.

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