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7 Great Books $1.00 on Kindle - World Book Day

It's World Book Day, and we have some awesome Dollar Day Deals on some truly great books! Prices subject to change without notice. Widgets

Five Star Reviews

As a professional environmental analytical chemist I was already predisposed to have fun with this new story by Libby Fischer Hellmann, one of my favorite Chicago mystery writers. I was not disappointed; Libby did a wonderful job of interweaving some Georgia Davis backstory, several interesting interpersonal relationships, and tense environmental drama, into a believably frightening murder mystery! The story unfolds in a non-linear fashion, which can be a disaster for the reader (and author!) if not laid out well, and Ms. Hellmann succeeded admirably in letting us have the present and past story fragments coordinated beautifully in the push towards the denouement, imho. The resolution of both the mystery and the drama was quite satisfactory, and I greatly enjoyed the looks at the many facets which comprise Georgia Davis!

Five Star Reviews

I really liked this book. But although this is the first one written about Jacody Ives, there is a recently released a prequel titled "Sacred Secrets." That's the book to start with.

"The Gifts" is a supernatural mystery thriller. I'd like to say I couldn't put it down, but honestly, I don't read that fast and I do need sleep at night and still have to go to work each day. So it took me a few days to read it. But it was a fun ride, and the suspense kept me wanting to know what happened next.

I hope it's not too long before Prather's next book. I'm hooked. Unless something unexpected happens, I will read anything she writes.

I'm waiting Linda . . .


Five Star Reviews

Having read the first book of this series, The Gifts, I was so excited to have this prequel released! How did I spend a snowy day you ask? Doing the laundry that really needed attention, baking some goodies for my family, or reading this book for 6 hours straight? If you went with option 3, you win!! I could not put this book down from the moment I started reading it.
Sometimes I find that in a mystery book, you are left to your imagination about the characters, but with Sacred Secrets the characters are rounded out nicely. I was drawn into their experiences, laughed with them and felt everything they felt.

I can't wait for the next installment... keep 'em coming!!!


Five Star Reviews

Utterly impossible to put down. A full throttle read that will keep you guessing until the end. I love the characters and the way that they interacted together.

Catherine is a beautiful reclusive psychic who has assisted the police is several cases. Cody, the detective who is responsible for having Catherine hired has fallen in love with her although he knows nothing of her mysterious background. His love is put to the test when Catherine is considered a prime suspect in a serial murder case.

Cody is forced to work FBI agent, Bryan Wilkes, and the action really begins. Catherine is aided by her friend Rosetta, who is captivating and adds a little humor to a serious situation. Rosetta is a whiz with a computer and promptly gathered information that is vital to solving this bizarre case. Eventually all four are forced to work together and journey into a dark realm that what could hold Catherine's destiny.

There are so many facets to the story that as the reader you want to find out what other secrets are going to be uncovered. The ending was very satisfying as we learn who Catherine Mans really is and what her future will bring.

I would like to thank the author for gifting me a complimentary copy and the opportunity to review this first rate mystery.


Five Star Reviews

Alicia is a murder mystery writer. And someone is copying the murders in her books. She's completely freaked out and worried. Her publisher and son come to comfort her, but it doesn't stop the harassing phone calls or the break in. It also doesn't stop the guilt and worry.

I love a good murder mystery. And this one's a good one. This is a short story that packs a lot into only a few pages. And it's well worth the read. I had no clue until the very end who the murderer was. And I'm usually good at guessing these things. My only complaint was that it wasn't nearly long enough. I can't wait to get my hands on more from this author.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


Five Star Reviews

Second Chances had a common theme throughout and centered around two families. The lives of two families were forever changed overnight. We first meet Hanna while she is babysitting 7 year old Kadi. As Kadi sleeps, Hanna calls her hot tempered ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because he had already moved on. Hanna tells him she's pregnant and they agree to meet later that night. The next morning, Hanna is found dead. Kadi's father Ryan Crowe, is accused of and eventually convicted of murdering Hanna. Ryan is sentenced to 20 years in prison. Hanna's younger brother, Dain, vows to kill Ryan in 20 years when he is released from prison. The ripple effect of one incident caused many more families to suffer because one person chose to remain silent by not telling the truth.

Second Chances is told from each character's view, but mainly Dain and Kadi. As a reader, we were able to read how each character is feeling and thinking at the time. We were able to understand the purpose of their actions as they happen. As adults, Dain and Kadi end up in the same bar not knowing each other's past. It is now 20 years later and Kadi is on her way to reconnect with her dad. Dain is waiting to make his move to make his vow a reality. He's set to kill Ryan Crowe. Until he runs into Kadi. Dain is struck by Kadi's beauty and Kadi is intrigued by Dain.

I really didn't care for Dain's rage and abusive nature. If he didn't possess such anger and violent thoughts, he could be a really great guy. I personally don't associate with anyone with that type of personality, especially as a parent and wife. I wouldn't want that around my family. When Dain and Kadi were together, they both seemed to spark each other's rage and feed off of each other. At times, their relationship was tumultuous roller coaster.

Kadi plays detective to prove her father's innocence. Meanwhile, Dain is doing his own investigating. With the same passion and determination over finding out the truth, their friendship eventually turns into more. They are both investigating the same case but fail to share what they learn.

Kadi and Dain's love for one another is a strong bond. Through the maze of finding out the truth to who killed his sister Hanna, he is unable to fully give himself to Kadi. At least not until he knows the truth. He needs to know if Ryan Crowe is innocent.

Second Chances is about two families finding a second chance at life, love, family, and the future. Overall, this book was an exciting, romantic, and suspenseful read.

Five Star Reviews
This was a great read. I was rooting for Danielle from the first page. I love the fact that this story is based on real events too.

There are sad and funny moments throughout the book and you find yourself siding with Danielle throughout it.

The writing is superb credit to Mel for such an enthralling read.

A worthy five star read.

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