Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review - A Cleansing of Souls by Stuart Ayris

I read this book as part of the UK Forum March reads. I'm glad I did. Stuart is my second British author. My first was Mel Comley, and after getting past the differences in spelling, I loved Impeding Justice and will be starting Cruel Justice this evening. But I digress--let's talk about Stuart Ayris and A Cleansing of Souls.

This was truly a difficult book to review. As an American I like my heroes, villians and justice. In this I was somewhat disappointed. As a reader and author who recognizes the truly literary value of a work, and can see beyond my personal feelings and personal prejudices--this book is truly a work of art. The style of this author is so amazing and so beautiful that I just purchased his second book:

You may be asking yourself at this point--why would you buy a second book by an author that you didn't like the first book? Well, I'll explain. My personal experiences in life.

Tom, our main character is a confused young man. You will travel with the author into the very realms of his confusion, his search to find himself and perhaps meaning in life. You will follow him to find out what happened to Little Norman.

Michael, a beautiful character, that is also confused, and perhaps some would say insane. You will follow him into the very realms of his madness, hoping therein to find the answers to his madness, and perhaps justice for a wrong committed.

There was a defining point in the book that changed my feelings for Tom, making him no longer a character I could love. There was a defining point for Michael that bothered me much more. An opportunity missed to right a wrong to get justice for a beautiful young woman, and to save another young girl.

I did not get my justice. I did not see Tom develop as I wanted him to develop. These feelings go back to personal things in my own life. I can't say a lot more without giving away a lot of spoilers, which I prefer not to do.

My rating: 5 Stars

No, I did not get the justice I wanted, nor did Tom turn out to be the person I wanted him to be--but I have yet to read an author who can rival this author's style. His writing takes you deep into the world of his story, and flows with a melody that leaves you wanting more. I'm truly looking forward to starting his second book, and waiting on his third.

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  1. Thank you so much Linda for reviewing my book. You're great!