Saturday, March 24, 2012

Book Recommendation - Into Thin Air by Val Maarten

I started this book last night, and I'm only 25% into it, but doubt can seriously say I love this book. Maia, a young woman kidnapped into sex-slavery at a young age must now make a decision--fight for her life, and the lives of those around her, or die as those before her have.

I really like this young woman. She's forced to make decisions that most of us would never even dream of, and forced to live with the decisions she's made. Could you choose one life over anohter? And what would you do to save an innocent child from going through the pain, shame and degredation you have been forced to live with?

An amazing book by what I believe will soon be an author whose name you recognize.

I look forward to giving you a complete book review hopefully by tomorrow. I truly hate it when life gets in the way of the things I love--like finishing a great book and grabbing another one.

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