Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Flash Fiction - 200 word Flash Fiction - Using Whiskey, Rock, Bats

I think I'll call this Thea's Flash Fiction because the challenge originated from Thea Atkinson. She gave us 3 words - whiskey, rock and bats. From that we were to write a 200 word flash fiction. I almost passed up the challenge simply because the idea of trying to tell any story in 200 words was quite daunting. I may have wanted to pass but the voices inside my head didn't. Whisper, whisper, whisper, murmur, murmur, murmur.

Now those of you who have those voices inside your head when you're working on a project know the only way to shut them up is to write it down. So I gave it a shot. And actually I was pleased. I wish I'd had more words, because there were so many other things I could have said or told or described, but with a little artistic work with the delete button I kept it to 200 words.


Bobby Joe Cameron, the star quarterback had been pestering daddy to let me go out with him for months. Today Daddy said yes.

"Where we going?" I asked buckling seatbelt.

Taking a swig from a whiskey bottle he handed it to me and grinned. "It's a surprise."

I took a sip, grimacing as it burned its way down to my navel. Not wanting to act all prudish on my first date I took a bigger swig.

By the time we got to Shell Cave we were both giggling and stumbled just a little when we got out of the car. Bobby Joe grabbed a flashlight and pulled me inside the cave.

Seemed like we went a long way before Bobby Joe giggled again and said, "watch this". Picking up a rock he threw it at the ceiling.

Now Bobby Joe probably didn't know about that hole in the floor. And he probably didn't figure on them bats being so riled up over one little rock. He sure didn't know I had a deathly fear of bats.

Today's my sixteenth birthday and I died because of a bottle of whiskey, a rock and a bunch of bats.

# # #

Let me know what you think. When I first started attempting flash fiction I truly didn't see any value, but having experimented with it now I'm beginning to understand that it's really a teaching tool for honing your work. I now look at my chapters from a whole new perspective.

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