Sunday, February 28, 2016

Star Studded Performance - Book Review - Twisted Justice

Having followed the Justice series since book 1, Cruel Justice, I've developed a super sensitivity to Lorne Warner and her family and friends.  As with all great books it's necessary to like or hate the characters.  M. A. Comley weaves a cast of main characters that have been easy to love, and a cast of antagonists that for some might cause nightmares, but for others allows you the opportunity to look into the minds of some seriously evil villains.

Twisted Justice doesn't disappoint.  Not only does Ms. Comley bring back out favorites, Lorne and Katy and their MET crew, but also combines that with new favorites DI Sally Parker (Wrong Place and No Hiding Place).  The story starts with the a bang, and the action doesn't let up as these two well-seasoned crime professionals go after a family crime unit that would rival the American early Mafia families.

The antagonists, led by a very determined, controlling and cold mother, are real enough to have been formerly portrayed in true crime stories.  Believable unfortunately in the world we live in today.  Greed knows no bounds, and there is no honor among thieves.

Twisted Justice offers the reader a well developed and believable plot, in-depth and fabulous characterization.  If you love crime procedurals you'll love this one.

Looking for a new series that will give you months of enjoyment, then check out the remainder of the Justice series.