Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Release day is always nerve wracking for authors. But when you wake up to an early review that blows you away--it puts it all in perspective.

Riveting Powerful Psychological Crime Fiction

Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of this psychological crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

WOW! Gripping, riveting, powerful ... there aren't enough adjectives to describe this tale of how far a mother will go to save her child .... and what a man will do to avenge his twin sister's torture and death.

Dakota Dale is a woman who has come back from the brink of insanity. Abducted by Christian Salyer, she was held for a year, tortured in unimaginable ways. She 'thinks' she shot and killed him ... but did she really? Christian's body was never found. Her memory is flawed .... and more women are dying.

Dakota is following the trail of bodies ... with one thing in mind. She will kill him .... he took something away from her besides her sanity .. he took her child.

Gabriel Browne lost his twin sister to the same monster who took Dakota. He doesn't believe Christian is dead ... and he wants to use Dakota as bait.

Well written, riveting story, unforgettable characters, with totally unpredictable ending ... this one checks all the boxes for me. My emotions were all over the place as the reader is taken back through Dakota's memories of what she endured .... and how she fought back. The ending totally blew me away.

I truly don't have words to express how emotional this review left me, but many thanks to the reviewer, Linda Strong. This was a highly emotional book for me to write and you got it, so it made all my earlier tears worthwhile.

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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Most Heart-Wrenching Psychological Thriller You'll Read This Year

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Desperate to block out the screams in the distance, I covered my ears and closed my eyes. “Please, God, please make him stop.”
I’d never believed in prayer, but the screams stopped, or at least I couldn’t hear them anymore.
“See what happens when you make me angry, Dakota?”
I hadn’t heard him come in. I kept my eyes closed as I huddled in the far corner of the cage. A key clicked in the lock. His footsteps approached.
“Look at me!” He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at his blood-soaked clothes. “She suffered your pain.” He squeezed harder. “Say, ‘Thank you, Christian.’”
Another part of my soul died as her blood dripped from my chin. “Thank you, Christian.”



“Crimson is such a beautiful color, don’t you think?”
The knife slid from my shoulder to my right breast, leaving a tiny trail of blood drops.
“So beautiful against that snowy-white background.” He laughed softly. “It’s the color of my rage.” His eyes darkened as the knife continued its trail down my abdomen. “You made me angry, Dakota. You shouldn’t have done that.”


I cringed as the door was flung open. Each time he’d entered, I’d gone through a new hell. My stomach somersaulted as he pushed the metal stretcher in front of him. “This is why you should never make me angry, love. I do such horrible things when you make me angry.”
The contortions of her face told me the pain she’d suffered. “Please, Christian, take it away.”
“Sorry, darling. I have to go out for a while. Might be gone a day or so.” He patted the bloody head. “I didn’t want you to get lonely. The lovely Simone will keep you company while I’m gone.” 

“Browne isn’t a local.” Max shuffled sheets of paper while I sipped my coffee. “He moved here last year from New York. He was a detective with the New York Police Department.”
“That makes more sense. I thought he seemed like a big-city cop.”
Max nodded. “Four years ago, his twin sister, Colleen Browne, was kidnapped. Browne was working a murder case. They used her as leverage to back him off.”
“What happened?”
“He found the murderer and put a bullet between his eyes.”
“Don’t be a smartass, Max. What happened to his sister?”

“They mailed her back to him in pieces.”

Release Date 1/23/2020