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Release day is always nerve wracking for authors. But when you wake up to an early review that blows you away--it puts it all in perspective.

Riveting Powerful Psychological Crime Fiction

Many thanks to the author for the digital copy of this psychological crime fiction. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

WOW! Gripping, riveting, powerful ... there aren't enough adjectives to describe this tale of how far a mother will go to save her child .... and what a man will do to avenge his twin sister's torture and death.

Dakota Dale is a woman who has come back from the brink of insanity. Abducted by Christian Salyer, she was held for a year, tortured in unimaginable ways. She 'thinks' she shot and killed him ... but did she really? Christian's body was never found. Her memory is flawed .... and more women are dying.

Dakota is following the trail of bodies ... with one thing in mind. She will kill him .... he took something away from her besides her sanity .. he took her child.

Gabriel Browne lost his twin sister to the same monster who took Dakota. He doesn't believe Christian is dead ... and he wants to use Dakota as bait.

Well written, riveting story, unforgettable characters, with totally unpredictable ending ... this one checks all the boxes for me. My emotions were all over the place as the reader is taken back through Dakota's memories of what she endured .... and how she fought back. The ending totally blew me away.

I truly don't have words to express how emotional this review left me, but many thanks to the reviewer, Linda Strong. This was a highly emotional book for me to write and you got it, so it made all my earlier tears worthwhile.

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The Most Heart-Wrenching Psychological Thriller You'll Read This Year

Available during pre-order for $.99


Desperate to block out the screams in the distance, I covered my ears and closed my eyes. “Please, God, please make him stop.”
I’d never believed in prayer, but the screams stopped, or at least I couldn’t hear them anymore.
“See what happens when you make me angry, Dakota?”
I hadn’t heard him come in. I kept my eyes closed as I huddled in the far corner of the cage. A key clicked in the lock. His footsteps approached.
“Look at me!” He grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at his blood-soaked clothes. “She suffered your pain.” He squeezed harder. “Say, ‘Thank you, Christian.’”
Another part of my soul died as her blood dripped from my chin. “Thank you, Christian.”



“Crimson is such a beautiful color, don’t you think?”
The knife slid from my shoulder to my right breast, leaving a tiny trail of blood drops.
“So beautiful against that snowy-white background.” He laughed softly. “It’s the color of my rage.” His eyes darkened as the knife continued its trail down my abdomen. “You made me angry, Dakota. You shouldn’t have done that.”


I cringed as the door was flung open. Each time he’d entered, I’d gone through a new hell. My stomach somersaulted as he pushed the metal stretcher in front of him. “This is why you should never make me angry, love. I do such horrible things when you make me angry.”
The contortions of her face told me the pain she’d suffered. “Please, Christian, take it away.”
“Sorry, darling. I have to go out for a while. Might be gone a day or so.” He patted the bloody head. “I didn’t want you to get lonely. The lovely Simone will keep you company while I’m gone.” 

“Browne isn’t a local.” Max shuffled sheets of paper while I sipped my coffee. “He moved here last year from New York. He was a detective with the New York Police Department.”
“That makes more sense. I thought he seemed like a big-city cop.”
Max nodded. “Four years ago, his twin sister, Colleen Browne, was kidnapped. Browne was working a murder case. They used her as leverage to back him off.”
“What happened?”
“He found the murderer and put a bullet between his eyes.”
“Don’t be a smartass, Max. What happened to his sister?”

“They mailed her back to him in pieces.”

Release Date 1/23/2020

Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Release - Heartless Intent

Chapter One - Excerpt

A gust of wind ruffled the leaves, carrying with it the scent of death, abandoned dreams, and a flock of crows. Monday mornings were always bad, but standing on the edge of the riverbank, with a storm brewing overhead, made it worse.
“Dang, Kacy, it hurts me just to look at that.” Detective Dave Capello ran a hand through his hair and turned away from the naked bodies dangling from the lower limb of a huge oak tree and swaying in the morning breeze drifting in from the Chicago River. “Why do we keep winding up with all the sicko perps out there?”
“Nature of the job, partner.” I studied the ground around the tree. “Ladder indentations. Whoever hung them wasn’t tall enough to just throw the ropes over the tree limb. Copious amounts of bleach poured over the bodies, ropes and around the area. Either the perpetrator wasn’t taking any chances on leaving anything that would identify him behind, or he was trying to keep animals away until the bodies were found.” I stepped aside just in time to miss bird droppings. “Not that it helped much with the birds.”
“May be the nature of the job, but you’d think just once, Park would give the crazy cases to Sims and Gardner,” Dave grumbled as he pulled out his notepad and pen. “Male and female victim, approximately late thirties or early forties, although with their heads covered, I could be wrong about that. Access to site most likely by boat.” He stepped closer to the bodies. “Bruising around necks, and from the holes in their chests, I’d estimate their hearts have been removed.” He grimaced. “Along with another vital part of the male anatomy. Not enough blood here to be the murder site.” He shook his head and jotted a few notes. “Probably bled out before they got here. Your turn.”
“Hanging is usually associated with justice, revenge, and shaming. The fact the killer left them nude and covered their faces also points toward shaming.” I studied the bodies and sighed. My stomach was flip-flopping, and icy fingers trickled down the back of my neck and spine. “The heart removal makes it highly personal, as does the removal of the vital penis and testicles you’re avoiding mentioning.”
Dave groaned and turned away from the scene as I continued. “It could be that whoever did this wanted the world to see their shame and consider them heartless.” I grinned at Dave. “As well as wanting the world to know the guy was dickless.”
“Jesus, Lang.”
I turned toward the sound of boat motors. Commander Park did have a knack for giving us all the cases involving the crazies. “We’ll have to wait on Myriah for cause of death and identification.”
Dave came to stand beside me on the bank as we waited for the boats to dock. “You heard from Greg?”
“No.” I didn’t elaborate, hoping Dave would take the hint. I didn’t want to discuss my failing relationship any more than he wanted to discuss the male victim’s castration.
The first boat docked, and three officers joined us on the riverbank. I was glad to see Officer John Tedrow in charge. He was a good officer and easy to work with. “We’ll split up and comb the area. We’re looking for clothes, wallets, purses, shoes, or personal items, as well as”—I pointed to the victims—“missing hearts and private parts.”
“Damn.” Officer Tedrow, like Dave and his fellow officers, avoided looking directly at the male victim. “How long do you think they’ve been out here?”
“Not long. A couple of fishermen spotted them at five this morning. Probably late last night.” A clue, although a useless one. The killer had placed the bodies in an area with high early-morning boat traffic, wanting them to be discovered quickly.
“Lots of coyotes around here, along with a few bobcats. If the body parts were here, they may not be now.” Tedrow issued orders to the other two officers as the second boat docked. “We’ll start out covering a quarter mile in each direction.” He nodded toward the dark clouds gathering overhead as the wind picked up. “I doubt we’ll have time for much more than that before the storm hits.”
“Thanks, John. We’ll join you after we’ve had a word with Myriah. I’d rather we were all back on high ground before it gets vicious.”
Myriah suited up, smiled, and walked our way. “You know they’re beginning to call you the gruesome twosome, don’t you?”
“I’m sure we’ve been called worse. Besides, it’s not our fault if Park always gives us the weirdoes.” I returned her smile. “Dave is having a bit of trouble with this one.”
Myriah surveyed the bodies as the photographer took pictures. She waved her crew forward and chuckled. “I can see why it might bother him. We’d best cut them down, bag them up, and move them before the rain hits. There’s no way we could set a tent up out here. With the lack of any serious blood spill beneath them, this definitely isn’t the murder site.”
“Dave and I came to the same conclusion. We’re going to have a quick look around, then check out the boat docks to see if anyone rented a boat yesterday afternoon and didn’t return it last night. Let us know as soon as you have an ID.”
Myriah nodded, turning her attention to the task at hand.
I placed my hands on my hips, studying the directions Tedrow and the other officers had taken. The area was hilly and forested. Unless the killer had a reason to want us to discover the missing body parts, they were most likely at the bottom of the river. “What do you think, Dave?”
“I think we’re wasting our time here. Would have taken him a while to get the bodies in place, pour the Clorox over them, then clean up his mess. If he didn’t leave so much as an empty bottle behind, I doubt we’re going to find anything.”
“Kacy, you’d better take a look at this.” Myriah had removed the covering over the man’s head. “And I’ve got an ID for you.”
The word pedophile had been carved in the man’s forehead. That could explain the missing penis.
“Who is he?”
“Thomas Wilcott. Senator Wilcott’s son.” She knelt beside the woman’s body and removed the cloth. “Damn, I was hoping I was wrong. It’s his wife, Trina Wilcott.”
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. The phrase echoed inside my head as I stared at the woman’s mutilated face and head. “Do they have children?”
Myriah nodded. “Two. A fourteen-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy.”
“Put the covers back on, Myriah, and don’t allow any more pictures until you’re back at the morgue. If this leaks out, we’ll all be in hot water.” I glanced at Dave. “We’d better give Park a heads-up. There’s going to be more than one storm brewing before the day is over.”

Book 4 in the Detective Kacy Lang series. Can be read as a standalone.  Grab your copy now!  Amazon

Entire series available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Book Review = Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Wow! This is my first book by Rachel Caine and I was totally blown away. Most books, even those I love I can close my kindle when I'm exhausted and go to sleep. Not this one!She kept me on the edge of my seat all the way to the very end and then--yeah, then she has me begging to know what's next.

Gina Royal is on the run, not from her serial killer husband who is in prison on death row, but from a group of internet trolls that believe she's as guilty as he was. Changing her name and the names of her children she continues to hide out in small towns hoping to finally find one that feels like home.

The house on Stillhouse Lake is perfect--until the body of a young woman drifts up from the bottom of the lake. She's been murdered--exactly as her ex-husband killed his victims. Gina prepares to run, but it's too late. She's on the police radar and her identity has been blown. The trolls are coming and they're out for blood.

A fabulous 5* read which will leave you gasping.

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Killer Crime Fiction

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Below are just a few of the participating authors:

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Query/Synopsis Writing & Example

Everyone hates writing a query letter/synopsis.  How much do you tell?  Did I tell too much, or too little? Most submission guidelines with have a limit on how much you should write.  It may be two pages, or 200 to 300 words, but always try to stick to their guidelines.  Below is a query/synopsis I wrote for Honorable Death.  I did not use this, as I had already published the book and actually did it for fun, and to see if I could actually write one I liked.  I hope it gives you some ideas for you own.

I would love to submit Honorable Death for your consideration. It is a 63,435 word detective crime thriller. It is book 1 in a 3 book series. All three books are written and have been edited, and I’m currently working on the next three.

Honorable Death is written in first person, and revolves around Detective Kacy Lang and her partner, Dave Capello. A unique team as Kacy is a wildfire and Dave is what the other detectives considered over the hill. The novel is set in Chicago and begins with the discovery of Kacy’s twin brother’s tortured and mutilated body. Kacy and Kyle were adopted at birth by rich parents who really didn’t want them. Growing up unloved took its toll, and Kacy devoted her life to law enforcement, while Kyle took the opposite path of drugs and thugs. The investigation of Kyle’s death leads to the discovery of black market baby sales, slave trade and prostitution. Kacy’s life is in danger and her adoptive parents are at the top of her suspect list. The novel is interspersed with colorful characters from law enforcement and the drug world. Kacy learns that Kyle had a daughter and must do everything she can to find her and protect her from the people who killed her brother. When a fellow officer is killed they turn up the heat with drug raids and arrest of gang leaders. Kacy learns her real father is legal counsel for the Colombian cartel. The novel is filled with twists, turns and concludes in a deadly showdown between Kacy, her partners, and the woman behind it all, her brother’s sister-in-law.

The book has received praise from early ARC readers as well as the editor and proofreader, who called it:

Everything a detective novel should be--gripping, clever, and filled with deep characters. Brilliant but troubled detective Kacy Lang and her partner, Dave Capello, aren't the perfect detectives, but they're the perfect team. The history of their relationship is every bit as intriguing as the murder they're trying to solve." - Stefanie B., Red Adept Line Editor
Honorable Death is a multilayered, fast-paced archaeological dig of a mystery, with well-developed characters and a well-constructed plot well worth reading." Laura B., Proofreader, Red Adept Publishing

I have been both published and self-published since 2006. I am a New York Times and USA Today best selling author. My backlist includes twelve novels, all presently self-published. These include paranormal murder mysteries, legal thrillers, crime thrillers, psychological thrillers, and one romance. I have worked with the judicial system since 1997, first as a legal secretary, then a free lance court reporter and official reporter for criminal court. I have also worked closely with local law enforcement on murder cases and putting together evidence for local prosecutors.

The manuscript is complete and available at your request.

Linda S. Prather, Author



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Interspersed with colorful characters!

This series has been one of my favorites to write. The characters have a unique relationship that made them fun to get to know. If you love detective stories, don't miss this one.

Honorable Death


“Jesus, Kacy, it’ll be a bugger identifying this one.”
Under normal circumstances, my partner, Dave Capello, would have had a point. The body had washed up from the icy depths of the Chicago River near the fork of Eleanor and Loomis, and the call had come in minutes before quitting time. Dave had wanted to ignore it. For once, I wished I’d listened to him. A blowtorch had been used on the face, and all the fingers were missing. The angles of the arms and legs told me bones had been broken.
I didn’t need the ME to tell me the identity. Nor did I need to see the small skull tattoo above his left ankle to verify it. Kyle and I had never shared the twin bond in life, but as I stared down at his tortured and mutilated body, I realized a part of me was missing. I’d never considered it a vital part—until now.

$.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited Amazon

Dishonorable Death


“You’ve reached the residence of Detective Kacy Lang. I can’t come to the phone right now because it’s Saturday. My first day off in two months, and I don’t give a big rat’s ass who’s dead.”
Giggles came through the line.
“Jesus, Lang, you’re a potty mouth even on your birthday.” Dave Capello chuckled softly. “Martha and the girls wanted to say happy birthday before they catch the plane to visit Grandma and Grandpa.”
“Happy birthday, Aunt Kacy.”
“Aww… you guys are so sweet. Thank you. Have fun on your trip.”
“We will.”
I held the phone away from my ear as more giggles and a few squeals erupted.
“Settle down back there!” Dave yelled. “You free for dinner? Buy you a burger?”
I hated lying to Dave. My plans for the day were to do absolutely nothing except wallow in misery. In my case, misery did not love company. “Sorry, partner, but I have a date.”
“A date? With who?”
“It’s whom, and that falls under need to know.” I could hear Martha’s laughter in the background. She loved it when I put Dave in his place. “You don’t need to know. See you Monday.”
I ended the call before he could go into full interrogation mode, picked up my fresh cup of hazelnut coffee, and headed for my favorite spot on the back porch. I’d spent the last hour pulling weeds and rubbing my lower back. Weeks of work and a thousand dollars had turned the small patch into what my psychiatrist called a meditation garden. Propping my feet on the ottoman, I leaned back in the chair. Bastard should have called it a chiropractor garden with all the damn weeds I have to constantly pull.

$2.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited  Amazon

Justifiable Death - Now Available For Pre-Order


“Seriously, Lang, you named your dog Butter?” Dave Capello rolled his eyes as I slipped into the passenger seat and buckled my seatbelt. “What kind of name is that for a dog?”
“He likes it. Besides, Greg has Popcorn.” I grinned. “You know, Popcorn and Butter?”
“Jesus.” Dave honked the horn. “What’s taking Stevens so long?”
“I stuck my tongue down his throat and ripped his clothes off. He’s still getting dressed.”
“I think I liked it better before you two started dating.”
“We’re not dating. We’re just friends with benefits.” I turned away, so Dave couldn’t see the laughter in my eyes. “You told me to get laid.”
Dave switched the subject, a telling red flush creeping up his neck. “Did Park say what he wanted?”
“No, just that he wanted to see us first thing this morning.” Greg came out the front door, two tiny balls of fluff nipping at his heels. “Park said he’d explain when we got there.”
“How’s your gut?”
I frowned. “My gut?”
“Yeah, your gut. Something bad coming down or just your everyday murder waiting on us?”
Greg climbed in the back seat and Dave backed out of the drive. My sixth sense wasn’t kicking in, but I knew why he was asking. “I think we’re good this time.”
“I hope so.” Dave said. “Sick of demons and crazy serial killers.”
I met Greg’s gaze in the rearview mirror. “Dave thinks I’m psychic.”
Greg laughed. “Cool, give me the lottery numbers.”

“No spooks on the horizon?”
“Can’t promise that, partner. There’s always crazies on the horizon.”
We finished the drive in silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. The cases that crossed our desk were mentally and emotionally draining, but when it became personal it was a thousand times worse, and the last two cases had been very personal. First, my twin brother’s murder. Then, a serial killer and his twisted brother who almost killed the three of us. I’d only been back on the streets a month, and it would be nice if Park had a simple case of greed or jealousy. Something easy to solve, and understandable.

$2.99  Amazon