Friday, February 4, 2011

Second Chances by Valerie Maarten

"Second Chances" (reg. price $2.99)
Premise: After 20 years of the pain and suffering from the loss of a loved one, Dain and Kadi must confront the ghosts that haunt their past, present and future. Will they, in turn, be able to embrace their Second Chances?
The set-up: After the release of the man that killed his sister, Hanna, another girl is mysteriously murdered in the same fashion. All suspicion was then cast to Ryan Crowe for the deed. Now Dain’s wrath is beyond reasoning.
Dain sat mindlessly in front of the television set, flicking channel after channel at a dizzying pace. He didn’t want to watch it, but he didn’t have the courage to turn it off. Somehow, his family’s pain had merged with another family’s grief and it was one big story. All of the news stations lead off with the story of Hanna’s murder. Dain was numb and beyond consoling. Libby had wisely screened all of his calls and even filtered his call with his mother and sisters, which was unusual. Though he was grateful.

He stared blankly at the screen. Then a phrase…a word made his heart lurch forward. His back stiffened and his ears perked up. ’What?’ He turned up the volume so he could hear.

“The convicted murderer, Ryan Crowe has just received a ‘Get out of jail free’ card from his daughter, Kadi Crowe. It has been reported that she has provided the authorities with an alibi of her father’s whereabouts on the night of the murder and he will be walking through these doors…a free man.” He heard the reporter’s words, but he couldn’t believe them.

“Here they come right now!” He could hear the raw excitement in the young reporter’s voice. He cringed.

“Ms. Crowe, is it true that you’ve provided your father with an iron-clad alibi of his whereabouts, last night?”

Words overlapped and questions were being hurled in the air with hopes of being answered.

“Ms. Crowe, as a Child’s Right Advocate, don’t you find your position to defend your father…ironic, since he’s been accused of violating the rights of those you’ve vowed to protect?”

He watched intently as Kadi and Ryan made their way through the horde of people that waited outside the police station. His anger began as a slow simmer, seething just below the surface. He could feel the intense heat welling up…up.

“Mr. Crowe, how does it feel to have nine lives? Are you feeling lucky?”

Kadi had a frightened look on her face, eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights. Slowly. His temper was oozing to the surface like lava. Hell hot and dangerously close to eruption.

“Maybe you should play the lottery. No one seems to be as lucky as you are right now.”

She feigned innocence, clinging to Ryan Crowe as if he was a cherished being, worthy of such attention. Then it happened. It was like the unexpected eruption of a volcano. He had reached his tolerance level and his rage came spewing forth with deadly consequences.

“LIBBY!” His voice was so loud and so threatening, everyone within earshot froze in place. No one even dared to move.



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