Tuesday, October 23, 2012


These books are not for the squeamish, but if you love police procedurals, Criminal Minds and CSI, you'll love them.

Mel Comley spins a such a wonderful criminal mystery in Foul Justice that one can't help but keep reading until the crime is solved.

Detective Investigator Lorne Simpkins is the UK's modern day Sherlock Holmes. When DI Lorne Simpkins lost her DR. Watson 2 years ago, her partner dying in her arms, she resigned the Force. When a horrible crime has stumped the other law enforcement officials they call on DI Lorne Simpkins to save the day, she returned. When DI Lorne Simpkins is given volatile new Detective Sergent Katy Foster as her new partner, she decides to train her. Even when her personal problems pile one atop another (one is her upcoming wedding to her MI6 fiance who is currently MIA) DI Lorne Simpkins still presses on to solve the case!

It's great to read how DI Lorne Simpkins gets her criminals by the short and curlies! A joy to read with a surprise end!