Sunday, December 1, 2013

The perfect gifts for mystery lovers!

Gifting can be difficult for some, but easy for others. Here's some great gifts for mystery lovers.

Mystery lovers love books. Mystery lovers love series. Did you know you can gift a copy of a book to arrive on a certain day? Perhaps a special birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day.  Simply hit the gift a copy button, enter your recipients email address and choose the day you want it delivered. Amazon will deliver it at 12:00 on the day of your choiee. Imagine your friend's surprise when they open Their Kindle or email and find a gift that will keep them entertained for days, weeks or even months.

If you're a mystery lover - check out the books below.   If you have a mystery lover on your gift list as I do - well, you've just found the perfect gift.

Catherine Mans Psychic Suspense / AmazonLSPrather / AmazonLPrather

MA Comley Justice Series / CruelJustice / ImpedingJustice / AmazonMAComleyJustice

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