Saturday, September 30, 2017

NEW! Now Available For Pre-Order - Innocent Blood!

The analogy of authoring a book and having a baby has always made me laugh, but in reality it is somewhat similar.  Months of planning, plotting, getting to know your characters and finally you're ready to introduce your "new baby" to the world.  And you're worried.  What if people don't like it?  Should I have rewritten that one paragraph?  Did I leave any unanswered questions?  OMG! Did Tuesday follow Monday?

Welcome my new baby to the world! Now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Loki swore she'd never return to the reservation, but two missing hunters and an ancient Choctaw myth send her and Dadron on a dangerous trek through the wilderness.

Meanwhile Jake Savior accepts a case to investigate the killings of fellow officers by a Choctaw police officer.

Are the cases connected?

They only thing they're sure of is innocent blood has been shed, and more will be shed in the days to come.

I often wonder how my characters feel about the parts I give them to play, so I decided I'd ask them just a little bit about how they felt about Innocent Blood.

Loki:  If it weren't for the situation I would have loved the alone with Dadron.  But if he calls me momma one more time I'm going to kill him.

Dadron: I love the wilderness. Loki needs to open her eyes and see that Jules and I are grown up.  She doesn't need to protect us anymore. And she did forget our birthday.  And not just any birthday, our twenty first birthday.

Manjael:  The Redmonds are a strange lot. They save the lives of those they should kill.

Jake:  Seriously, do I have to get shot or almost killed in every book?

Harry: You guys really messed up my vacation.  No fishing, no hunting, no beer.

What ARC Reviewers are saying!

Sue Kitt McQuaide: OMW, Linda Prather delivers outstanding novels EVERY time, I have never been disappointed and Innocent Blood was no exception..... just brilliant!!!!

Susan Wallace: Wow. Absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters. I love loki. I do hope there is more to come. Highly recommended 5*. Must read.

Julie Simon: What a fantastic book!

Kathi Defranc: Absolutely wonderful story incorporating family ties,love,and desire for riches to the extent of hurting 'loved' ones to keep going.

Kayli: Innocent Blood was truly an amazing read. I couldn't put it down as I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. 

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Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek at the prologue and Chapter 1.

Have a lovely evening.

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