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Book Review - DI Kayli Bright Trilogy by M. A. Comley

I've always loved series, and this is actually my first trilogy. My enjoyment of the characters was definitely increased by the fact all three books were released close in time to each other. A long time fan of the best selling Justice series, and the DI Sally Parker series I couldn't wait to dive into a new character and see if she could measure up to DI Lorne and DI Sally.  DI Kayli did not disappoint.

Book 1 - The Missing Children

 When we think of missing children, we naturally think of the parents and the nightmares they must be going through. I loved the fact that in this book we also peeked into the nightmares the law enforcement investigating these crimes have to go through. Our first introduction to DI Kayli Bright and her team. As an officer investigating these crimes, they have to look at all suspects and not worry about stepping on toes, even the toes of the parents. Heartbreaking but true.

TMC starts with the discovery of a body of a child and quickly leads to the discovery that more children are missing. The subject matter of this one is quite horrifying, and not for the faint-hearted, but those of us who live in the real world, we know it isn't an uncommon thing anywhere in the world. I love the fact that the author treats this with respect for the reader, and doesn't include a lot of sensationalism. I also love the fact we get to share the family lives of Kayli and Dave, making them more real. The book wraps up in a way that is totally satisfying for crime lovers, making it in my opinion a definite 5* read.

Book 2 - Killer on the Run

A brilliant story that also incorporates more of Kayli's family life, giving the reader an opportunity to know her intimately, both professionally and personally.

I have to warn you that this one ends on a cliffhanger, which is why the early release of Book 3 was so important to me as a reader. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers when I have to wait months, or sometimes years to read the next book.

Killer starts with an automobile accident, and the death of a lovely young woman and the child she's carrying. Most law enforcement officers have a gut instinct they have to listen to, and Kayli is no different. She immediately suspects there was more to this than a car going off the road in a natural accident. Her fears are validated when another accident happens on the same stretch of road. A confusing matter for Kayli and her team, as their prime suspect in the first murder appears to have no connection to the second death. But our killer gets braver, no longer caring if it looks like an accident as more deaths occur. A serial killer, or is there some underlying issue that ties the deaths together?

Kayli and her team do an excellent job of flushing this one out, and tying up loose ends. Another definite 5* read for those who love crime thrillers and police procedurals.

Book 3 - Hidden Agenda

It's difficult to review this one without including spoilers from the first two. I try to never include spoilers in my reviews, so I'll home in on the crime portion and leave most of the family matters for the reader, who like me was waiting for this heartwarming conclusion to Book 2.

Kayli becomes even more real in this book, as her personal life is shattered, and yet she struggles on to solve the horrendous murder of a young woman. Sarah was well like, and the clues are almost non-existent--or does Kayli really have her mind and heart on the task at hand? The dedication of her team helps her overcome her self-doubts, and the pieces slowly begin to fall in place. With the conclusion of her case, Kayli is forced to take a long look at what is important in her life. Does she continue to struggle with her fears and emotions, or does she leave the force and go after the man she loves?

An emotional roller coaster with this one, and a definite 5* read for DI Kayli Bright fans. I hope this isn't the last time we see her.


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