Sunday, November 15, 2009

Streams of consciousness--Be Still My Child

Never too old to learn I remember when streams of consciousness writing started to appear in books, articles, etcetera. I didn't particularly like it. It felt strange. But it can be useful at times.

I can hear it now. I know it's coming. Am I strong enough. Can the light of my love overcome the shadows of hate? My heart flutters. I'm scared. To not be scared is to be stupid. Years have passed. I miss you. You were with me in the beginning--be with me now. If I rise or if I fall it makes no difference if you're at my side.

Love shall lift me
On its wings
As truth clears the way
God has forgiven all my sins
as I knelt to pray
Forgive me Father, touch my hand
Dry my crying eyes
Love shall lift me on its wings
Love shall help me fly

Be still my child
For I am near
My love shall set you free
Be still my child
For I am light
The darkness is not in me
Be still my child

In context of a story--it has no meaning. But in context of inner thoughts of a character it could be invaluable. The struggle, the prayer, the answer. Perhaps it is all that simple.

I had a writer tell me she was going to pitch her novel and start over. Never pitch your writing. Perhaps the story as a novel doesn't work, but if you comb through it there are probably many little jewels just waiting to be found.


  1. I'm probably not going to say this right, but what you wrote doesn't feel like stream of consciousness to me. It is, as you say, the thoughts of the character, the thoughts of the character on a specific topic. To me, stream of consciousness is more scattered, more random, (do I dare say it -- I do!) more insane.

  2. Thank you, Middlekens. You're probably right. I can do more insane, but not today.