Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review - Wendy and the Lost Boys

I started this book one afternoon when I was feeling especially overwhelmed with life and wanted a light, fun read.  I’ve never truly been a Peter Pan fan and being honest in my reviews is important to me, so I will say up front that this isn’t normally a genre I would have picked up and if Barbara wasn’t an on-line friend I might never have read her book.  I’m glad I did, because it took only a few only a few pages to pull me in and get me “hooked”. 

Wendy Darlin was a character I could totally empathize with.  An underlying goodness and a big heart that even in the best of times gets her caught up in things she should have avoided.  A dreamer holding on to a memory of a lost love.   And we all know how memories are.

The supporting cast of characters was perfect for this story.   They added not only an aspect of humor, but also helped to round out and lend support to Wendy’s true character and nature.   I have to applaud Barbara in not only choosing a lead character that I loved, but also on choosing just the right supporting cast to both enhance her story and her main character.  The underlying story of the “Lost Boys” definitely piqued my interest and made me want to know more about them. 

I’m a mood reader, and normally pick something from the genre of mysteries and thrillers, so I could have gone either way on this book—loved it, or hated it.  If you’re in the mood for something dark and mysterious this may not be the book for you.  However, if you’re having one of those days where you want to just read for pure entertainment, have a good laugh, and your sense of humor enjoys something off the beaten path—I think you’ll love this book.   I will definitely be reading the sequel, London Broil.  And this time not because Barbara’s an on-line friend, but because I read the first three chapters at the end of Wendy and once again I’m already hooked.

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  1. Thank you Linda for the lovely 5 stars. Wendy is thrilled. She pinned them on her bikini. :)