Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Contest – Win a free copy of The Gifts, A Jacody Ives Mystery – your choice of a Mobipocket ebook or the original paperback released in 2006.

When? One free book will be given away each week for four weeks. First drawing 8/11/10

How? Test your sleuthing skills by reading five samples of author’s work and answer a question related to each book. All samples can be download from the link, and all samples are absolutely free. Send me an email titled Contest listing the answers to the five questions. My email address is A winner will be chosen from the contest entries each week that answered all five questions correctly. Questions will be changed weekly, and all emails from the prior contest will be deleted, so if you don’t win on the first week, be sure to enter again. Emails will not be shared, nor will any entrant with the exception of the winner receive any emails from any author participating. At the end of the four week contest all emails will be deleted.

Ready to get started? Here’s your authors and here’s your questions. Good luck.

Victorine Lieske – Romantic Suspense

Q Emily and her four year old son, Connor, are on the run. Someone else is with them. What is his name?

Linda S. Prather – Mystery/Suspense

Q What song was the killer humming just before he killed Corrine Larson?

C. S. Marks – Fantasy

Q What is the name of Gaelen’s cousin?

David McAfee – Horror/Thriller

Q In Chapter One of 33A.D. Ephraim saves a small figurine from crashing to the floor. What is the figurine?

David Dalglish – Fantasy

Q What color of fire surrounds the flying skulls that are attacking at the start of The Weight of Blood?

Once Again to Enter:

Download your samples, read all of them, or at least until you find the answer and then send me an email at with the word Contest in the Re: Column setting forth the answers to the five questions. Good luck!

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