Friday, August 20, 2010

Vibrations, Light and Healing

Visualization is not just a matter of positive thinking and imagination. Thoughts have vibrations and scientists have discovered that if something vibrates at a certain rate, other objects can pick up those vibratory impulses and vibrate at the same rate. Consider this—you’re in a room with 10 negative people, all thinking, feeling and exhibiting signs of negativity. How long can you last in this room with these vibrations bombarding you before you feel yourself becoming depressed and/or negative in your own thinking. A perfect example of this is an angry crowd, or a positive speech forum. We immediately get caught up in the mental and emotional feeds around us. We feel the vibrations of the mental thoughts of the crowd, and our own mental vibrations start to change and vibrate at the same rate, causing excitement or anger or depression.

Energy Centers – Most of us have heard the word Chakra, which is a Sanskrit word meaning center. The crown center, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar, the spinal or tail center, and the basic brain center. In healing work we often open and close these centers allowing deep-down energy stimulation. To open a center you simply stroke in a clockwise fashion a couple of inches from the body center. To close use a counter-clockwise movement.

Healing exercises should allow you to experience sight and sensation yourself. Not just imaginary feelings, but real honest feelings.

Visualization Exercise – The orange exercise is a great visualization technique. It gives you a visible way of connecting with light and practicing it will greatly enhance your meditation experiences. This exercise ties together your inward and outward sight.

Begin with a physical orange in your hand. Look at the orange. Examine its surface. Allow your eyes to slowly drift to the center of the orange. Now look within it, as if you are imagining what it really looks like inside. You’ll be amazed when you realize that it isn’t just your imagination. You’re actually seeing inside it. Keep your gaze constant as you examine the various things you see: the segments are surrounded by white skins. Inside the segments are little globules of golden juice. The globules are surrounded by their own thinner and transparent skins, and also within each segment is a seed.

Focus your attention on one seed. In your mind’s eye, see it placed in the ground and planted. As if watching a time-lapse film, see your orange seed begin to send out little roots through its outer shell. Watch as the roots grow larger, delving deeper into the earth. A tiny shoot thrusts upward toward the surface and breaks through, stretching toward the light of the sun. Growing. Now it’s a small bush, and slowly grows into an orange tree covered in blossoms. Bees hover and the blossoms fade. See the pale nubs of fruit swelling and ripening until your tree is heavy with perfect oranges. Reach out your hand and hold one. It is the orange you are now looking at in your hand.

This exercise has been used throughout the ages to teach visualization, concentration and symbology.

Doing a healing on yourself can be very beneficial. You learn to visualize and feel the effects of your own visualization. You are visualizing the healing of your body, and changing your mental and physical vibrations.

On your back allow your hands to hover over your solar center for just a moment before placing them by your side. Now image hands of light slowly opening your solar center. Feel the power flowing in. Close the center. Continue this visualization to the throat center, open center, feel the power and close. Continue to your third eye, open center and feel the power flowing in. Close center. Open the crown center, feel the power and close the center.

Turn over. Starting at your feet visualize the hands of light, move up to the spinal center, open, feel the power and close.

Continue to the basic brain center, see it filled with light, and then move on to the crown center once again, open, feel the power and then close the center.

Light is a vibration and working with light can change both your mental and physical vibrations to a more healthy level, allowing more energy to flow through your body.

This exercise can be done on a partner using your own hands to open, allow energy to flow and close the centers.

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