Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Character Overhaul

Well, if you read the beginning of yesterday’s blog, you know that I actually write my first draft to allow myself into my character’s heads, as well as allowing them into mine. Sometimes that can be troublesome as my day job requires extensive travel at times and with hours on the road I have lots of time to think.
Catherine Mans doesn’t like herself. She doesn’t like the way she looks. And she wants a more “professional” attitude and style. And she definitely doesn’t like having a shop called “Physic Investigator”. She wants something “consulting”. And she informed me not so sweetly that Rosetta was Irish and Tosallina was not an Irish name. She also wants Cody and Rosetta to have a more active role on their own. Do what?

Geeze. I kind of like the psychic investigator angle, although I have to admit I wasn’t crazy about her character so far. I did find her a little weak in some respects, but usually a weak character develops strength through trial and diversity and I figured that would come as the story developed. Well, Catherine wants to start off strong. And giving Cody and Rosetta more active roles means sub-plots off the main plot. That can get complicated. But. . . what the character wants, the character usually gets. So be it.

If you’re following this story, never fear, I have not given up and will be going back to the drawing board today with Catherine to revamp Chapter One and Two and push forward to Chapter Three.

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