Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's Tarot Card Reading

I have read tarot cards for others, but only for the purpose of allowing them to find their own personal insight. To me, that is the basic purpose of the Tarot. To help you focus on your internal questions that perhaps you haven’t even heard yet, and sound them out until you find your own solution. I’m often surprised at the insight people actually see within the cards, and how the cards are beneficial in helping them understand the one person we have the most difficult time understanding—our self. A good tool for self introspection.

Having felt that inner confusion of something bothering me for days now, the deep musings, sometimes dark and mysterious, I knew that somewhere deep inside something was bothering me, and yet consciously I just couldn’t see or understand the problem. So this morning I took the time to spend a little me time and did my own reading, hoping to gain insight into what was really bothering me.

I used a five card spread for insight laid out as follows:

1) The general theme of the problem as it exists in the present;

2) Past influences still having an effect

3) The future

4) Reason behind my confusion

5) Potential within the situation

The very first card held a wealth of information. The King of Wands. My mind immediately went to my newest book, Sacred Secrets, A Jacody Ives Mystery. I thought about Clover’s interpretation of that card. “A good man, impassioned by his beliefs. A man who will—would sacrifice himself for those he loves.”

The general theme of the problem as it exists in the present. Writing is my passion. Creating plots, characters, stories and weaving them all together into a novel worthy of being read by others. Still, there is the internal conflict of the time I have to devote to my writing, versus the time I need to devote to making a living, my family, my friends and my home. The guilt that at times I’m neglecting someone or something to fulfill my own needs. And then there’s the time it takes to promote the work once it’s released. No one can read it if they don’t know it exists. Not having that $100,000.00 marketing budget means taking personal responsibility and time. Once again bringing up the guilt of neglecting the people around me. Card one was very insightful indeed.

Card two, “past influences still having an effect”. I pulled the four of pentacles. For me this card signified having a good life, but having just enough. Not enough to squander. A fear of losing what I already had. Not hard to see where that was going—once again to the problem of promotion. Devoting time to my passion took away time from my “earning” capacity. I’m comfortable now, but if I don’t work more, will I lose that comfort? And then what?

Card three was the future. I pulled the Sun. A beautiful card with beautiful meaning. Happiness, contentment and bliss. The ability to play. Be a child again. What a future that would be. And if this was a true internal feeling about my future, then why was I so confused?

Card four—the reason behind my confusion. I pulled the seven of cups. A mixed card. A card about ideas, dreams, thoughts, illusions, transitions and mystery. A card about choices. I hate choices. I hate making decisions. For years there was no one to help me make decisions, and I was constantly having to do everything on my own. Sometimes I would cry late at night, wishing that just for once I had someone who would take the wheel for a moment. Of course, idiot that I was, I had that all along. God. But even recognizing that, you have to let go of the wheel. Easier said than done. Lately I’ve been making changes in my life. Positive changes, yes, but still changes. And I’m scared. I went from a published author to an Indie author. Some would say that was a bad move. Perhaps. Could I have gotten a contract on Sacred Secrets? I don’t know I never submitted it to anyone. Is my writing worse because it wasn’t published traditionally? No. That’s the one thing I’m sure of. I put my very best into my first book, and I put 110% into my second. I have little doubt that Sacred Secrets is as good, if not better than The Gifts. But the fear remains, and only time will take that fear away.  And as every author knows, a traditionally published book doesn't guarantee success.  You may sell a few more than an indie author in the beginning due to publisher marketing, but in the end it all falls to the author.

Card Five—the potential within the situation. I pulled the 2 of Pentacles and laughed. No better card to point out the confusion of my fourth card. I needed to strike a balance. Travel beyond the conventional to reach my goals. Set aside time to write, time to work and time for family. I have a wonderful supportive family. They understand my passion. There really wasn’t a problem there, except my own problems and fears. Basically I needed to get over it, and move on. I was wasting time just dabbling in the confusion of my personal desires and passion instead of doing something constructive to make it happen.

A good reading? Yes, for me it was. I went in cold on this one, not asking a specific question, but allowing my subconscious mind to pull out what I need to know and see. Did it help? Yes, it did. My perspective has changed, and although I don’t write outlines when writing a book, I do intend to do some outlining today on time structures and making the most effective use of the time available.  Knowing what you need time for helps in making constructive choices on use of your time.  I need time for family, time for me (which includes reading time), time for writing, time for cleaning my home and time for promotion.  Not an easy task, but still the possibilities are endless.

Have a question about reading tarot for insight? Feel free to email me at: The best insight you’ll ever get comes from within.

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