Sunday, August 15, 2010

When a Novel Clicks For You!

One of the most exciting, invigorating things an author can experience is when you start a book and bingo--things click into place. A few days ago I started writing an untitled draft here. I'd started this before, but just couldn't get into it. Even this time, if you've read the previous posts you'll know that I was having trouble getting inside Catherine's head. Haven't had a lot of time to write this weekend because we had our 3 year old grandson, and he takes a lot of work, but he's worth it. Still, even while playing with him and suffering the heat so he could be outside, the creative juices were flowing inside my head and finally--Walla! It all clicked. I knew who Catherine was, where the story was going and how. Now the hard part begins--research into areas, perhaps a road trip just so I can make it real, and putting it all into words that describe the emotions, scenery and action to take place.

I'll still be posting my draft, as I work out the details and also as I get to know Cody Allen better. He's still elusive to me, and perhaps he will remain somewhat elusive, as Catherine is my focus.

But for now--I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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