Friday, April 8, 2011

Featured Author - Elizabeth Reyes

These characters stayed with me long after I first read Forever Mine. I have to remind myself they are characters in a book, but I still can't get them out of my head. This was the first time in my (long) life that I ever finished reading a book and immediately went to page one and began reading it all over again.

And with each subsequent reading (I blame this on the magnetic characters drawing me back to the page time after time) I find myself yelling at Sara or Angel and getting angry because they repeat the same mistakes as the first time I read the story. The story doesn't change and neither do the characters, yet I read it over and over expecting something different.

Reyes captures teenage angst well. Their behavior is what it is, she does not hide the teenage drinking, or their private activities, nor does she dwell on it. It's the story of these teen-aged star-crossed lovers, after all. It's what happens after that electric touch, that magic moment of knowing it's not only their first love, but their only love, knowing that from Sara and Angel's first meeting that they are meant to be together and that life and a little white lie will get in the way to complicate everything. The sparks between them, and the sparks of the world, if you will, that's what draws me into the story, and draws be back to read it again.

A delightful story, well-told.

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