Friday, April 29, 2011

Price increase as of May 2, 2011 - $2.99

I debated on this for quite some time, as I've loved the $.99 attention, and the wonderful sales by readers. Most readers aren't aware that at $.99 authors make only about $.35, which, of course, means it takes a lot of sales to even cover the costs of advertising, cover art and editors. Free advertising by many e-reader sites helps, and gives us a boost. I had planned on doing the $.99 for only six months, but have stretched that to almost a year. As of May 2, 2011 the price on The Jacody Ives Mysteries will revert to $2.99.

However, don't feel you have to rush out and buy a copy right now, as I will do specials in the future, as well as my normal once a month "gimme" contest. So thank you to all the readers who have made this one of my best months ever. And I hope to share many other novels with you in the future, as well as some free short stories.

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  1. Pricing is tough, Linda. I've kept my novels at 2.99 despite the temptation to lower, but just recently, I came very near to a personal sales goal and thought I'd lower One Insular Tahiti to 99cents in the hopes it helps me get there. alas. No interest. Probably because no on knows it exits. grin

    I think once a book gets noticed then the price isn't really a factor, so good luck. I think your novels are the right price at 2.99