Saturday, April 9, 2011

Featured Author - L. C. Evans

A tale of love, family, and one woman's redemption as she tries to take back control over her own life - by taking a "Time out" from her free-loading family. As they move into her home, one by one, - her sis and baby and a dog, her son and his girlfriend, and her bossy mother, Susan ends up with four adults, (thought her son and his girl eventually leave) one baby, and three dogs to contend with and take care of. The situation is enough to to drive anyone out of their mind in the same situation. Then to top it all off, an old flame returns to town and she must put her family first - as always - and cannot pursue a relationship with him. Her bossy mom keeps telling Susan she simply cannot quit her present job to take on another one as a ghost tour leader. Who will take care of us? Follow along as one incident piles on top another and we, the reader, end up tearing our own hair out by the roots!

Highly recommended for fun and a thrill ride as Susan tries to save her own life!

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